The early days

In a small south-tyrolean town Mobilrot produces its shelves with the most advanced techniques available.
Right here in Ora, more then 60 years ago, driven by his passion and ambition Erwin Höllwarth began producing his first shelves. In those early days he went to his clients riding his trusted Lambretta (motorcycle) all over the northern part of Italy, listening carefully when they spoke about their needs and developing personalized solutions for every single one of them.
In the sixties the business starts to evolve – from complete craftsmanship to a wholly industrialized production.

Present days

Since then Mobilrot improved constantly and developed innovative, functional and elegant solutions not only for the industrial sector, but also for offices and stores, museums, libraries and the health-care sector.

scaffalature metalliche

Ten years ago Roland Gruber took over as head of business. Inspired by his foresight and ambition many new products were developed in the years since and improvements to he production-site were made to meet the needs the future might bring. With passion, care for details and reliability Mobilrot has made a name for itself in Italy and in other countries and the growing sales figures are a testimony to the success of the business.

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