The CE mark guarantees compliance with European safety standards, but cannot be regarded as a seal of quality.

The CE mark marks products in accordance with EU safety regulations. CE stands for Conformité Europénnee (European Conformity), which more precisely means “Conformity to EU guidelines”. With the CE mark, the manufacturer confirms that the product complies with the applicable European directives.



CE marking: marking by which the manufacturer declares that the product conforms to the applicable requirements set out in the Community harmonisation legislation on its application.


It is important to ensure that products benefiting from free movement within the Community meet the requirements for a high level of protection of public interests such as health and safety through harmonisation legislation. Therefore, regulations have been established for accreditation, market surveillance, controls on products from third countries and CE marking. The manufacturer explains, through the application of the CE marking on a product, that it complies with all applicable regulations and takes full responsibility for it.



The CE marking may only be affixed by the manufacturer or his authorised representative. The obligation to affix the CE marking applies only to products regulated by harmonisation legislation. CE marking of other products not mentioned in that legislation is prohibited. Member States shall ensure the proper enforcement of these conditions (= market surveillance) and use legal or other appropriate means to combat infringements and misuse of the CE marking.


The CE marking indicates the conformity of a product and is the visible consequence of a procedure that includes conformity assessment in a broad sense; The CE marking is the only marking that certifies the conformity of the product with the applicable requirements of the relevant EU harmonisation legislation that prescribes its connection; The CE marking does not indicate that a product has been approved as safe by the EU or another authority. It also does not show the origin of a product and is neither a seal of approval nor a sign of quality; In Switzerland, the CE marking is recognised for products covered by the Mutual Recognition Agreement (MRA EG – CH). However, it is only mandatory for the export of such Swiss products.

Mobilrot offers its entire product range with project-based CE certification. and is thus an additional guarantee for safe products and state-of-the-art solutions.