When filing objects, books or materials, it is important to store them in a suitable environment in order to ensure optimum preservation.

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When developing new high-density cabinet projects or searching for a new archive area, security is one of the primary considerations. In the past, lack of information regarding security was the main reason for water and fire damage, but by no means the only one. It is, therefore, advisable to plan well in order to protect your material from these two elements, from humidity, pollution, other damage and also from unauthorised access.

In our high-density shelving, Mobilrot creates efficient storage systems. Mobilrot shelving is installed in offices, warehouses, universities, museums, libraries, health services and administrative buildings. With over 60 years of experience in the industry, our company offer high-density cabinets with shelves that save space and guarantee comfort, safety, reliability and quality. When designing a mobile shelving system, we consider all of the factors which are fundamental to optimum product performance. Here are the details:


When storing fragile and delicate objects, it is important to have a suitable storage space, that is to say, dry and of a stable temperature. Temperature normally varies every day, and the threshold that should not be exceeded is +/- 2C °. Higher temperatures can have a negative effect on the speed of chemical reactions and, consequently, the lifespan of objects stored. Damp, likewise, can cause damage, and if the humidity rate is higher than 60% it may encourage the growth and spread of mould. To prevent this kind of problem, Mobilrot supplies high-density cabinets with a variety of ventilation systems, mesh walls or grid shelves: Fundamental aspects which guarantee simple and efficient air circulation


The warehouse where the shelving will be installed must be compliant with all fire-protection regulations. There are a variety of methods to protect ceilings, walls and floors and even mobile racks can contribute to the fire-proofing of premises, a factor which our customers greatly appreciate. Our subsidiary, Primoss, can supply you with fire-proof doors and windows. For more details, please visit www.primoss.it.


Amongst the most serious damage to an archive is undoubtedly that caused by water. To prevent accidents, it is preferable that no water or heating pipe runs through the warehouse where the shelving is to be installed. Another fundamental measure to prevent water damage is to affix the shelves of the shelving to the floor or ceiling rather than to the external walls. Air circulation in high-density cabinets is also guaranteed by positioning the shelves at a distance of150 mm from the external wall and the bottom shelf raised 50 mm from the floor.


Lighting is essential to a functional, safe environment. Too much sunlight or unsuitable artificial lighting may cause problems. The lighting system should, therefore, be chosen carefully. One of the most energy efficient and, above all, safe sources of light is LED lighting, as it does not emit UV or infrared rays.


If the items stored are fragile or of historical value, it is best to store them in containers. Zinc is not recommended for storing books as a zinc shelf surface is irregular and black spots may appear over time. For this reason, we at Mobilrot have always finished our high-density cabinets in epoxy powder, in all colours from the RAL range. Another advantageous solution offered by Mobilrot is that of gondola systems, the best system for storing delicate items as the open shelves are easy to monitor and clean, and guarantee adequate air circulation.


Very often, precious objects and documents are stored in archives. It is prudent, therefore, to adopt sufficient security measures to prevent theft or access by unauthorized persons. The Procompat high-density system can be fitted with anti-theft sensors, combined with the possibility of locking each unit separately. Additionally, by installing an alarm system, it is also possible to monitor access to the archive. In creating secure, efficient high-density shelving, all of these factors must be taken into consideration as well as a number of other aspects, including as electrical installation and vibration-free movement. Mobilrot accompany the client throughout every phase and help to find the optimum storage solution for every requirement. Our experts are always at your disposal!