House of Artists in Milan

With the Bistrot project at the Casa degli Artisti in Milan, we at Mobilrot conceived and designed a layout that was in line with the identity of the House, i.e. a space intended to produce art and inspire it. Mobilrot's idea, inspired by this principle, was to insert a product that was in total synergy with the protagonist of those spaces: Creativity.

Creativity is in fact the key word of our project.
To include in the Procoss range, customised products that come from the imagination of our team, but at the same time meet the quality of our production.
Clean, defined and refined lines is what you see when you look at the finished product.
The large structure has been enriched with aesthetic and functional elements entirely inspired by the customer's needs: from minimalist bottle racks inserted here and there, alternating with made-to-measure plugging arranged in such a way as to create games of full and empty volumes.
The large tables on wheels were also completely customised, with a black base and top with a galvanised finish, specially chosen to convey the idea of an object to be lived in, robust and highly flexible.

To enrich the ambience of our Prokoss products, there are also the fancoil covers, wall-mounted elements that integrate perfectly with the rest of the products as they are designed with the dual function of a display counter. This product has a base frame into which we have inserted the mesh element, while the upper part is made up of full-length shelves and bottle holders, useful for displaying culinary products.

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