The theatre of everyday life


Mobilrot, in close collaboration with the English architect Joseph Grima of Space Caviar studio in Genoa and following his original project, the technical, commercial and export staff of Mobilrot designed and produced two bold metal structures using the flexibility, quality and robustness of the Procoss system. They were assembled by an expert team in the central Rambla of the international exhibition Interieur 2014 in Kortijk, Belgium. The exhibition, one of the most renowned and important in Europe, shows and indicates the trends in the field of furniture in general with particular attention to the specialized interior design, with the participation of the big names in architecture and the most representative European companies and not only in the sector (see website).

Arch. Grima is the cultural coordinator of the project “The home does not exist”, which will be illustrated by themes during the entire duration of the exhibition from October 17 to 26, an event that has about 90,000 visitors on average.The Prokoss-Mobilrot structures consist of a large amphitheater called Speakers Corner made entirely of Procoss elements with a 180° radius. This is where thematic lectures are given by various speakers to invited and interested visitors. From there the audience is made to climb up and pass over the central structure called “The Theatre of Everyday Life”. The visitor finds himself suspended and immersed in a light and elegant structure that acts as a container for various representations, films and simulations on the prospects and trends of living and furnishing in the near future. The sensation is certainly involving and to say it with the words of arch. Grima “the structure is beautiful … takes your breath away … the amphitheater is extraordinary … you can do incredible things with your products.

multi-storey shelving
multi-level shelving

This, beyond the emphasis of the moment, however, represents very well the potential of the Procoss system that, although it has been on the market for many years, always manages to renew itself and follow new paths for the international development of the company, supported and fed by a motivated and proactive staff that proposes increasingly ambitious goals in new and innovative sectors.