Mobilrot furnishes the K&K Sport store

K&K Sport on the Alpe di Siusi sells and rents winter equipment and accessories of all major manufacturers.

With a new sports equipment warehouse in a former ice cream shop, K & K Sports wanted to make the most of the space and create the right racking system for its central warehouse.
In the future, every sports item should be easily accessible and storage space should be condensed. In particular, the various sports items such as shoes, backpacks, clothing, accessories and skis should be clearly arranged so that the merchandise sold daily in the stores can be reordered.
The goals were to create more space for more products, to implement faster processes and to keep open the possibility to react flexibly to new situations.

The Procoss double-deck shelving system consists of a plug-in system that can be used flexibly especially for storing a wide range of sporting goods. This has been achieved in particular by the different shelf depths and by tailor-made solutions.
Even in the future, the shelves can always be optimally and flexibly adapted to new requirements.


With Procoss Multi-Tier Systems we create your warehouse or archive on different levels up to a total height of 12 meters. A functional and economical solution, as this shelving system does not require additional ceilings and every inch of storage space is utilized.


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