Mobilrot makes shelving for Starpool

For greater efficiency, Mobilrot has developed storage shelves designed for the production, logistics and archiving departments of the renowned STARPOOL company.
STARPOOL is an international benchmark for the design and construction of wellness centres and spas.
Located in Ziano in Val di Fiemme for no less than 45 years, the new company headquarters was opened as part of further expansion in 2020.

Starpool's small intermediate warehouse was furnished with the Cantifix racking system suitable for storing very long items. The focus of the project, however, is on the F4 Multi-Storey System for the multitude of different small parts, which is used in both the production and logistics areas. The system is accessible from both areas and contains different objects for production and assembly.

The logistics area is equipped with Fixrack and Cantilever pallet racks for very bulky finished products.
The routes between the racks have been shortened and the storage capacity increased as a result.
The Cantifix system is a shelving system with a high load capacity and equipped with gratings to safely accommodate very heavy and diverse objects.

Thanks to the design and construction of the new Procoss cabinets, which rise from the floor to the ceiling, plenty of space has been created for high-performance storage. In order to make the rooms lighter, they have been powder-coated in white.

All shelving systems manufactured by Mobilrot are CE certified and comply with current EU standards.
In cooperation with the STARPOOL marketing department, all areas have been adapted in terms of colour and construction to the typical STARPOOL design, where international customers and visitors will find uniform and pleasant technical furnishings.


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