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Since the 1960s, Procoss has been a synonym for robust, stable and versatile shelf systems based on the modular system. Procoss offers highly varied solutions from simple shelving right up to full shelf systems, with high-quality materials, high technological precision, simple assembly and optimum stability… fully expandable and convertible over time.
Its wide range of accessories and equipment, the various colour schemes and the option of individual solutions combine to make MOBILROT a skilled and reliable partner.



Dynamic warehousing for rapid storage of different materials in boxes or containers. As the roller races are mounted on Procoss structures, the system is also quick to install, precise, combinable and resistant.
Plus the aesthetic standards of MOBILROT, of course


For optimal storage. Fixed or mobile dividers in different forms and dimensions, edging pieces, shelves (inclined versions also available), sliding drawers and compartments all offer advantages for your business. Plus the aesthetic standards of MOBILROT, of course.


Combinability and versatility allow simple basic shelving to be transformed into combination cabinets with leaf or sliding doors, equipped with the full range of accessories.


Sales counters are made up of standard elements of the Procoss system. They can be complemented with a wide range of components and accessories such as drawers, movable dividers, compartments, doors, etc. Besides the standard 2,070 mm and 3,070 mm long counters, flaps or movable wings are available. Two types of coating are also available :smooth rubber with aluminium edges or laminate with rounded edges.


Deco shelving are a special production of Mobilrot for space saving with a particularly attractive solutions.
They are several possibility of coating. We will be able to satisfy your chromatic requests.


Stop bacteria spreading!
The problem of spreading infections and the aggressive resistance demonstrated by certain bacteria, has led to increasing demand for clean rooms where machines, equipment and furnishings have anti-bacterial surface treatments.
The MOBILROT research and development laboratories focused on this problem and have formulated a positive response. A surface treatment has been developed which prevents the build up of dangerous bacteria, which on untreated surfaces become what is known as ‘biofilm’ – which, once consolidated, can be very difficult to remove.
Tests have shown the ‘Antimicrobial’ treatment to be highly effective in combating bacteria.



Static electricity is everywhere, whether at home or at work. The casual brush of a hand against a conductive material can result in a momentary electric shock. Such electrostatic discharges (ESD) are a major problem in the electronics industry, and are very difficult to overcome.
Damage caused by ESD can remain hidden during the production process, but can lead to product failure at a later date. As soon as the possibility of ESD damage is identified, effective prevention methods can be put in place.
Comprehensive protection against electrostatic discharge becomes essential when working with modern electronic equipment. To prevent damage to components, anESD protected area should always be equipped with anti-ESD materials. In effect,ESD protection measures and materials should be systematically installed at all stages of the production process, from the first workstation to the final packing area.
When it comes to specific workplace goods storage systems, PROCOSS offers a solution to these problems in the electronics industry. PROCOSS products and their components meet the international standards IEC-61340-5-1 Par 5.2.2 Table 1 andIEC-61340-4-1, and comply with EN 50014 Par.23.4.7.

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