This is the title of the exhibition that opened in London in mid-June 2016 at the Porter Gallery of London’s famous Victoria & Albert Museum (V&A for the British).
The export team of Prokoss Mobilrot, a company specialising in customised furniture for shops, offices, museums and showrooms all over the world, in close collaboration with the London-based architecture firm Dvik-Kahlen, succeeded in creating the backbone of the entire exhibition, which celebrates, with a complete retrospective, the professional life of the English engineer Ove Arup (1895-1988), considered the greatest engineer of the 20th century working in the field of civil and structural engineering.

allestimenti museali
allestimento museale


The structure designed and built by Mobilrot is a quadrilateral system of multi-storey shelving about 22 metres long by 13 metres wide and 6.5 metres high with elements of the well-known interlocking Prokoss system, which acts as an elegant support structure for a series of over 150 works including prototypes, drawings, models, archive material and films of almost one hundred years of creativity in the field of engineering and architecture.
The carefully designed Mobilrot structure “envelops” Ove Arup’s skilfully illuminated works and supports them, creating a special atmosphere for the visitor who is immersed in a fascinating and highly engaging journey of exploration and knowledge. But that’s not all. “Mobilrot” did not stop in England, but also furnished the rooms of the VITRA DESIGN MUSEUM in Weil am Rhein, Germany. With its own design and a new shelving and cabinet system with doors and drawers, Vitra has chosen Mobilrot to furnish its Design Museum, which will house the extensive and important collection of furniture, lighting systems and accessories that stand out in terms of design and architecture. It is a unique exhibition and storage facility where, through two large windows, the large number of visitors to Vitra and its various museums every day can see the various works on display, which are the work of a number of leading international professionals and companies, not just Vitra.


Mobilrot shelving and systems were chosen for their quality, but above all for their aesthetics and the flexibility required to display such a wide variety of products from furniture to chandeliers, from seating to display cases and so on in such a prestigious location.