Thermosetting powder coating: our special finish.

Powder coating is one of the elements that make Mobilrot shelving a state-of-the-art, durable product. The utmost precision in the machining of steel plays a key role in our production chain, combined with the thermosetting powder coating techniques we prefer for our creations.


In order to guarantee the optimum quality of the shelving, we have chosen to use thermosetting powder coatings from the RAL range. This manufacturing process has significant advantages over other coating methods, ensuring optimum resistance to abrasion and corrosion, including that caused by chemicals. In addition, our powder coatings do not contain solvents or heavy metals, making them environmentally friendly.


To achieve the perfect surfaces that characterise Mobilrot shelving, we use electrostatics, which is employed in a precise painting process. A flow of air moves the powder particles towards the surface to be coated, creating a positive charge, which, thanks to the attraction of the powder particles, becomes fixed and forms the coating. The powder particles are concentrated more in the corners and edges of the surfaces, as there are greater electromagnetic forces here than in the centre. This purely physical phenomenon causes the dust to deposit more on the corners and edges, which leads to excellent longevity in the coating.


Once painted, the parts are moved to a baking oven, the temperature of which varies from 160°C to 200°C depending on the thickness of the parts and the type of paint used. This high degree of heat gives rise to a phenomenon of melting and cross-linking of the powders, which produces a layer of paint that is homogeneous in thickness and degree of adhesion.

In order to clean our shelves correctly and preserve their integrity, it is very important to use pure water, possibly adding a small amount of neutral and/or synthetic washing-up solution. If it is necessary to scrub the surfaces, it is advisable to use cloths, chamois cloths, soft fabrics such as rags and sponges, or not too aggressive brushes.

If the shelves become sooty, oily or greasy, they can be removed with benzene hydrocarbon substances that do not contain aromas or fragrances, which do not spoil the product and guarantee perfect cleaning. These substances are also effective for removing silicone and adhesive tape residues.