The new challenge for the hospital pharmaceutical and healthcare sector

In order to have a high-quality product that is complete in every respect, it is essential to pay particular attention to hygiene, a subject that is increasingly discussed in the working environment. In fact, some working environments, such as the pharmaceutical, healthcare and hospital sectors, require impeccable hygiene and cleanliness, as do the tools and furnishings themselves, which must always be protected from any bacterial proliferation. In these particular environments, where the health of the patient comes first, it is very important to keep the bacterial load under control, especially since the resistance of certain harmful organisms has increased considerably in recent years. In order to combat this, we at Mobilrot have developed the Antimicrobial CLEAN product line, which follows the new regulations on bacterial proliferation.

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The special white antibacterial paint has a wide spectrum of activity and, by creating a real antibacterial barrier, prevents the formation of harmful organisms with a certified effectiveness of 99.99%. The paint we use does not leach into the environment, does not damage the stored goods and, above all, does not harm your health in any way; these elements make it perfect for all those shelves destined for environments that require impeccable hygiene.

Many of our customers have chosen the Antimicrobial line of Procoss shelving, including three highly prestigious references:

If you need specific furniture that preserves the hygiene of your working environment, do not hesitate to contact one of our experts: they will help you choose the perfect Antimicrobial shelving for every need!

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