scaffale campata lunga

Long-span shelving

With its long-span shelving, the rico system is particularly suitable for storing oversize, heavy and bulky products.


long-span shelving

he RICO long-span shelving, system is particularly well-suited to the storage of oversize, heavy and cumbersome products. The interlocking system of our long-span shelving means it can be assembled quickly, and it is also extremely simple to change the configuration. This means that warehouse space can be optimised by exploiting all space to the full.

Long-span shelving

Characteristics of long span shelving

Long-span shelving


Uprights Procoss F3 max. capacity 2500 kg and F4 max. capacity 4000 kg

Long-span shelving


The supporting beams are made of 60x40x2 mm tubular steel type DX 51. The maximum load is 500 kg per level over a length of 2700 mm.

Long-span shelving

Safety hooks

The steel used for production is type DD11. The product is manufactured directly from steel coils by means of automatic stamping presses and then galvanised.

scaffale campata lunga


Frame and beams in powder-coated finish in RAL 7035 , so that the stored products are in the foreground and not the shelves or your desired colour.

Why choose Mobilrot shelving units


Italian metal shelving production, thanks to our automated in-house production we are able to deliver in a short time.

Maximum flexibility

Our customers have a choice of configuration and customisation options.

Complete planning

Our specialised technicians produce 2D and 3D models of the installations, allowing the customer to view the project in advance.


Mobilrot not only produces the shelving, but also offers several additional services to make the product complete in every respect, including assembly and maintenance service.