Metal cabinet

The simplest and most economical solution of turning a shelf into a metal closet by installing procoss doors. Available in various sizes the hinged doors transform any shelf into a metal cabinet for a wide variety of uses. From workshop to office to archive.

Steel construction based on the proven Procoss system

Why choose Mobilrot shelving


Italian metal shelving production, thanks to our automated in-house production we are able to deliver in a short time.

Maximum flexibility

Our customers have a choice of configuration and customisation options.

Complete planning

Our specialised technicians produce 2D and 3D models of the installations, allowing the customer to view the project in advance.


Mobilrot not only produces the shelving, but also offers several additional services to make the product complete in every respect, including assembly and maintenance service.

Together, we design new solutions

In order to optimise space and to store valuable objects or goods in an orderly and protected manner, such as in a museum collection or goods warehouse, Mobilrot conceives, develops and produces an extremely versatile storage concept. With further customised solutions, the storage possibilities are almost unlimited.