scaffale componibile zincato

Galvanised Shelving

Modular shelving for storage solutions.

Interlocking shelves

The modular, interlocking, galvanised shelving system can also be integrated with existing shelving. The modular nature of this system, together with the fact that it is supplied disassembled, allows maximum optimisation and savings in transport.
The Procoss upright features classic truncated-cone slots which engage the Proclip through their paired. Purpose-developed V-interlocks guarantee seamless interconnection. In the basic system, the end frames with Proclip and the shelving, together with the base plinth and the rear cross braces, offer perfectly balanced tensile and compressive properties which guarantee robustness, stability and durability.

The optimal solution for rational, tidy and adaptable storage.

Procoss Modular Shelving

Galvanised shelving features

Certified quality for our galvanised shelves made from steel certified to the highest quality standards.

Galvanized full side panel


The side is composed of U-shaped cold-profiled uprights with truncated slots connected by interlocking U-shaped crossbars; the feet are made of metal and are also interlocking. The height of the side panels is 25 mm, which guarantees maximum flexibility in positioning the shelves.



A wide range of sizes and capacities for every need produced from 8/10 skinpass Zn 100 sheet metal with a polished surface.
- Depths of 300, 400, 500 and 600 mm.
- Length 970 and 1230 mm - Load capacity from 100 to 300 kg by insertion of omega reinforcements.

scaffale zincato

Cross bracing

The cross bracing is an essential stabilising element consisting of two shaped profile rods to be cross-mounted and bolted onto the uprights.

scaffale componibile zincato

Possibility of expansion

Thanks to the Procoss system, even the simple galvanised shelving unit can be expanded in a modular manner to create even more spacious and stable shelving.

Why choose Mobilrot shelving


Italian metal shelving production, thanks to our automated in-house production we are able to deliver in a short time.

Maximum flexibility

Our customers have a choice of configuration and customisation options.

Complete planning

Our specialised technicians produce 2D and 3D models of the installations, allowing the customer to view the project in advance.


Mobilrot not only produces the shelving, but also offers several additional services to make the product complete in every respect, including assembly and maintenance service.

Modular Shelving

Components & Accessories

Procoss galvanised modular shelving units can be equipped with various accessories to meet the exact requirements of the goods to be stored.