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Pallet Racking System

Pallet Racking: heavy-duty industrial shelving designed to meet all linear storage or drive-in requirements.

Pallet racking

The ideal shelving system for the storage of very heavy and bulky loads. Unlike a welded system, which is designed for one configuration only, our assembly system is completely interlocking. This allows you to change the configuration over time in order to adapt to the changing logistical needs of your warehouse. The pallet racks feature a contoured, channelled profile in cold-formed galvanised sheet metal. The solid central channel, with slots for the interlocking connection of the uprights, offers the Fixrack shelf an unquestionable superiority in both capacity and safety. The end frames come complete with fitted beams, cross-braces and bolted base plinths, providing an enormous reduction in assembly time. The range of accessories, from support panelling to barrel racks, from row spacers to galvanised shelves in a variety of thicknesses, make Fixrack pallet racking versatile and suitable for all heavy-duty storage requirements.

The optimal solution for rational, orderly and adaptable storage of pallets and other load units.

Fixrack the Pallet Rack

Features of pallet racking

Certified quality for our pallet racks made from steel certified to the highest quality standards.

Scaffalature portapallet


The steel used to manufacture the frames is type S 350 JR and certified 3.1. The minimum unit load is 350 N/qmm. The product is cold-formed directly from steel coils by means of a profile line. One-piece frames with a load capacity of up to 8 m and a maximum load of up to 14,000 kg.Galvanised or powder-coated finish.

Scaffalature portapallet


The supporting beams consist of 2 profiles coupled and welded together in steel type DX 51. Thicknesses from 80 mm to 140 mm and a maximum load of 4000 kg per level.

Scaffalature portapallet

Security hooks

The steel used to make the safety hooks is type DD11. The product is obtained from coils by pressing and then hot-dip galvanised.

Scaffalature portapallet


Galvanised uprights and crossbars in light grey for an absolutely neutral shelf. In this way, the most important thing remains clearly visible: the stored product. Other RAL colours available on request.

Why choose Mobilrot shelving


Italian metal shelving production, thanks to our automated in-house production we are able to deliver in a short time.

Maximum flexibility

Our customers have a choice of configuration and customisation options.

Complete planning

Our specialised technicians produce 2D and 3D models of the installations, allowing the customer to view the project in advance.


Mobilrot not only produces the shelving, but also offers several additional services to make the product complete in every respect, including assembly and maintenance service.

Components & Accessories

Mobilrot pallet racks can be equipped with various accessories, such as shelves, drum holders or push-pull safety devices, to meet the exact requirements of the goods to be stored.

Comparison of systems

Example of racking installed in a room with dimensions of 14 m x 20.7 m x 7.2 m (L x B x H) – Area: 291.6 m2 – Volume: 2100 m3
for the same amount of space, exploiting the height provides much more storage space.
Pallet a terra

Exploited volume: 98 m3
Area utilisation: 33.57%.
Volume utilisation: 4.66%.
Pallet seats: 102

Fixrack pallet

Utilised volume: 817 m3
Area utilisation: 38.89%.
Volume utilisation: 38.89%.
Pallett seats: 612

Together, we design new solutions

In order to optimise space and to store valuable objects or goods in an orderly and protected manner, such as in a museum collection or goods warehouse, Mobilrot conceives, develops and produces an extremely versatile storage concept. With further customised solutions, the storage possibilities are almost unlimited.