The Cantilever system

Cantilever racks offer an ideal solution for all types of long material.


The cantilever system Cantifix

Heavy cantilever

Heavy cantilever shelving

Mobilrot's flexible cantilever racks

Mobilrot’s cantilever racks are ideal for storing long goods such as pipes, bars, as well as wood and building materials or other light or heavy loads that do not fit on pallet racks.This flexible design of our racks allows compact storage in a small footprint. Both the light and heavy versions of our cantilever racks are available single-sided or double-sided.The single-sided cantilever rack is usually placed in front of a wall. It is self-supportingand is not connected to the wall, otherwise it becomes part of the building and thus a structure.
Double-sided cantilever shelving is built with the same upright profiles as single-sided cantilever shelving. Both sides of the cantilever shelving are equipped with feet and arms .
In the case of double-sided shelving , the arms of the shelving can be of different lengths on both sides. 
Mobilrot therefore offers two cantilever solutions, one for light goods and mainly manual loading/unloading and a second for heavy goods and forklift loading/unloading.

Why choose Mobilrot shelving units


Italian metal shelving production, thanks to our automated in-house production we are able to deliver in a short time.

Maximum flexibility

Our customers have a choice of configuration and customisation options.

Complete planning

Our specialised technicians produce 2D and 3D models of the installations, allowing the customer to view the project in advance.


Mobilrot not only produces the shelving, but also offers several additional services to make the product complete in every respect, including assembly and maintenance service.