Metal shelving with central column


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Metal shelving with central column


Aesthetics, practicality and creativity come together to create a product of undoubted appeal. The Promens double-sided metal shelving with central column guarantee not only accessibility and organisation, but also a complete furnishing system for a wide variety of settings, one example being libraries. A practical concept of modularity and a wide variety of accessories are the hallmarks of the Promens system. Over the years, Mobilrot have always been distinguished by creativity and the production of shelves which are not made to suit passing trends, but to match the needs of our clients.

The new Promens metal double-sided shelving system with central column is the proof.


Several solutions are available: single-faced wall mounted and double-faced column shelves. A mobile version of the Procompat system is also available, ideal for optimising space in smaller settings.

scaffalature per biblioteche
scaffalature per biblioteche
scaffali montante centrale
scaffali montante centrale
scaffali montante centrale


  • Height of shelving: from 1000 mm to 3000 mm
  • Length of shelving: 970 mm and 1230 mm (customisable on request)
  • Depth of shelving: 200 mm, 250 mm, 300 mm, 350 mm, 400 mm, 500 mm
  • Uprights with perforations and slots spaced at 25 mm intervals
  • Outstanding ease of shelf adjustment
  • High capacity and stability
  • Full interlocking installation with no tools required
  • Alteration and expansion can be carried out at all times
  • Also available as high-density shelving compatible with runners (Procompat)
  • Open structure to optimise aeration
  • Optimal visibility design
  • First and last side frames available in a variety of finishings


  • Single-faced max. 400 kg
  • Double-faced max. 800 kg
  • Shelf capacity: 90 kg

Certified quality for our pallet rack system

Made in certified steel, to the most exacting of quality standards.


The shelving is manufactured in DC01 steel, with minimum unitary yield stress of 140 N / mm2. The sheet metal is notched, bent and spot-welded to create the final product.


Secure coupling and shelf-side wall connection guarantees maximum robustness. The product is made from pressed, powder-coated DD11 steel.


This product is manufactured in S235 JR structural steel with inspection certificate 3.1, and minimum unitary yield stress of 235 N / mm2 or, on request, 235 N / mm2. Coils are pressed, cold-formed and welded to create the final product.


Connects two uprights in order to stabilise the shelving from the rear. This safety component is manufactured in DC01 steel pressed from steel coils.

Examples of usage for metal shelving with central column


The Promens central column shelving system is suitable for use in the office, and combines a stylish design with practicality of use.

Rapid access to office equipment, binders, files etc. make this mobile wardrobe a “must have” for an organised, modern company.

Promens shelves are the ideal replacement for traditional shelving systems.

Arredo ufficio
scaffali per biblioteche


The Procoss and Promens high-density shelving units and shelving systems provide the perfect solution for libraries and bookcases.

Our product range allows you to create flexible and modular furnishings that can be adapted even after initial installation.

The system can be adapted and optimised to suit the product stored and make the best use of available space.

The racks are also available in the gondola system, which is particularly well-suited to libraries.

During the design phase, we also evaluate requirements for manual or handwheel operation.


Mobilrot’s interlocking modular shelving systems, and their wide variety of applications and extensions in light, medium and heavy sectors, are particularly well-suited to the industry and production sector in which they first started out in 1954. They bring together continuous innovation with all the robustness, quality and flexibility that companies require in order to operate successfully and evolve over time.

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