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Mobile Shelving
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Mobile Shelving


Do you need an organised system for your work area? Our systems offer a high-performance, practical way to achieve it. Our high-density shelving features a sophisticated design that fits in well with all styles of furnishing.

High-density shelving provides immense storage capacity through optimal use of space, which is a fundamental consideration in smaller areas. With high-density shelving, no space is wasted and the capacity of useful surfaces is increased by almost 100%. This system allows you to optimise every inch of space, unlike fixed shelving units which require an access aisle, resulting in wastage of space.

With Mobilrot high-density shelving you have one single aisle, which only opens when and where you need it to. The remaining surface area, therefore, is all available for storage. In comparison with all other types of high-density systems, the Procompat high-density storage system allows you to store many more items in the same surface area. With our high-density storage system, you will have up to 100% more storage capacity, or a reduction of up to 50% of utilised surface area.

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Shelving units mounted on a mobile base. The wheels are moved by means of an external steering wheel. A chain transmits power by reducing motion, so that even under extreme weight conditions, the force applied is minimal.


The steel rails feature an integrated anti-tilt system and can be laid flush with the floor surface or mounted on a platform.

Great range of accessories

A wide range of accessories increases the flexibility of your shelves



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Certified quality for our Mobile Shelving

Made in certified steel, to the most exacting of quality standards.


C40 steel wheels worked on the lathe of maximum precision for an ideal sliding. The tracks are made of solid, hot-dip galvanized profiles to eliminate any imperfections in the floor.


The shelving is manufactured in DC01 steel, with minimum unitary yield stress of 140 N / mm2. The sheet metal is notched, bent and spot-welded to create the final product.


Proclip frame connectors are manufactured in DD11 steel, pressed from steel coils, followed by galvanisation.


This product is manufactured in S235 JR structural steel with inspection certificate 3.1, and minimum unitary yield stress of 235 N / mm2 or, on request, 235 N / mm2. Coils are pressed, cold-formed and welded to create the final product.


All Mobilrot products are compatible with a large number of accessories:




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Examples of usage for metal shelving with central column

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The Promens central column shelving system is suitable for use in the office, and combines a stylish design with practicality of use.
Rapid access to office equipment, binders, files etc. make this mobile wardrobe a “must have” for an organised, modern company.
Promens shelves are the ideal replacement for traditional shelving systems.


The Procoss and Promens high-density shelving units and shelving systems provide the perfect solution for libraries and bookcases.
Our product range allows you to create flexible and modular furnishings that can be adapted even after initial installation.
The system can be adapted and optimised to suit the product stored and make the best use of available space.
The racks are also available in the gondola system, which is particularly well-suited to libraries.
During the design phase, we also evaluate requirements for manual or handwheel operation.

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For a museum, the most important consideration is to ensure the safety and stability of exhibits. Mobilrot analyses your needs in order to provide you with the perfect solution: We develop tailor-made solutions adapted to the type of exhibits, e.g. works of art or paintings. Our fitters install the system for you, guaranteeing correct assembly, long life and optimum safety.


For decades, leading names in the fashion world have chosen the Procoss System shelving for its strength and stability, together with its style, sleek lines and all the flexibility that “tailor-made” requirements call for.
Powder-coated finish in a variety of RAL colours, complete absence of sharp edges or protrusions that could damage garments, quick and easy to move and easily-adaptable configurations to suit changes in requirements after initial installation (a frequent occurrence in this sector, given that collections change every year).



Mobilrot’s interlocking modular shelving systems, and their wide variety of applications and extensions in light, medium and heavy sectors, are particularly well-suited to the industry and production sector in which they first started out in 1954. They bring together continuous innovation with all the robustness, quality and flexibility that companies require in order to operate successfully and evolve over time.

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