Customised shelving and cabinets for sports and Wellness Centres

Furnishing of sports centres, which cater to a wide variety of disciplines, requires a combination of solutions for changing rooms, storage rooms, communal areas and much more in order to make the venue attractive and efficient for both athletes and those who accompany them. Mobilrot’s flexible furnishing systems together with specialised, purpose-designed and tested accessories, is the ideal choice for specialised furnishing solutions with an exceptionally high degree of customisation.
The furnishing we manufacture for changing rooms is based on the tried and tested Procoss system, designed to
meet specific, high-level needs by offering customised solutions for each individual client.
We customise our design fully to the requirements of the location to create a tailor-made setting, and provide a perfect blend of steel, wood and finishings in a variety of fabrics. You even have absolute freedom in the choice of colours, for unparalleled creative freedom. The framework is available in the whole spectrum of RAL colours, and the finishings in various types of wood and eco-leather shades.
Our staff plans your design alongside you, to ensure that the end result lives up to your needs and expectations.

Furnishings for changing rooms


“The big fashion houses have numerous branches all over the world and, given the price per square metre of their stores, they have to organise their premises down to the last centimetre so as not to waste space. To meet this requirement, our shelving guarantees optimal exploitation of space, “explains Mobilrot CEO Roland Gruber. From a simple shelf to light-duty shelving or a high-density system, the shelving components can be expanded, reconstructed or dismantled as required without foregoing aesthetic appeal, offering you innumerable variations and an unparalleled array of options.

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Holz, Stahl und Textilien

Abbiniamo in modo perfetto acciaio, legno e rivestimenti in diversi tessuti. Anche i colori sono a libera scelta per dare la massima libertà creativa. La struttura è disponibile in tutta la gamma di colori RAL, le rifiniture in varie tipologie di legno e colori di ecopelle. Il nostro staff progetta insieme a voi l’ambiente affinchè corrisponda alle vostre esigenze ed aspettative.

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The furnishings of sports centre changing rooms must be both efficient and in keeping with the rest of the location on an aesthetic level. That’s why Mobilrot carry out continual research on new materials capable of satisfying all and every requirement.

changing room furniture


Mobilrot changing rooms are also suitable for companies with specialised requests and requirements. In a company setting the changing rooms must be, above all, practical and long-lasting, and must also be well-ventilated. With our many years of experience, we have developed changing rooms capable of meeting all of these requirements to the full.

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