Shelving for Store Displays

The furnishing in fashion shops plays an essential role in the sales process, as it is important to welcome the customer in to a comfortable, pleasant environment with targeted, organised presentation of clothing. Functional furniture is also important for employees: if back shop area is well-organised, it is much easier to manage the storage and layout of garments. The area behind the store, also known as the ‘back of house,’ is an area that generally comprises storage for inventory, freezers (in the case of food), rest rooms for employees and maintenance facilities. Usually this area is not open to the public, but its organisation is essential in order to achieve harmonious cooperation with the point of sale and make it possible for employees to store goods in a methodical manner. Mobilrot shelving allows you to organise your stock to suit your customers’ needs, and to create a dedicated area for all sectors. Our strength lies in planning the installation of shelving through efficient exploitation of space, both in-store and back of house.



“The big fashion houses have numerous branches all over the world and, given the price per square metre of their stores, they have to organise their premises down to the last centimetre so as not to waste space. To meet this requirement, our shelving guarantees optimal exploitation of space, “explains Mobilrot CEO Roland Gruber. From a simple shelf to light-duty shelving or a high-density system, the shelving components can be expanded, reconstructed or dismantled as required without foregoing aesthetic appeal, offering you innumerable variations and an unparalleled array of options.

fc suedtirol shop

Shop FC Südtirol

Realization of furniture for the shop of the FC Südtirol sports centre: customised compactable cabinet and sales counter with visible products.

Furnishings for Stores


A new type of shelf, designed mainly to furnish shops where aesthetics and design are of fundamental importance. This is why we at Mobilrot have designed and built a shelf with uprights without holes to achieve a clean, modern line. In addition, from our wide range, you can choose the color or finish that best suits your store.