Shelving for hospitals and pharmacies

Concern over the potential spread of bacterial infections and the aggressiveness and resistance of certain bacteria, is leading to an increasingly common and specific requirement: That of equipping work and communal environments with tools, machinery and furnishings that are safe and protected from the potential proliferation of bacteria.
antibacterial paint

antibacterial paint

In order to provide a concrete solution to such an important concern, Mobilrot’s research and development laboratories have formulated a varnish capable of blocking the proliferation of dangerous bacteria that would otherwise form what is known as “biofilm,” difficult to remove once it has set in. This “antimicrobial” treatment has demonstrated exceptionally high antibacterial efficacy.

Shelving for hospitals and pharmacies


Procoss flexible pharmacy cabinets allow you to make the most of limited space. We offer solutions that help to better organise and manage medication stock and improve your workflow by providing fast, direct access to medication storage. The flexibility of our shelving systems makes it easy to adapt and update medication storage as your needs change.

Shelving for hospitals and pharmacies 2


An inventory of large packages and containers in your bulk pharmacy warehouse can take up a lot of much-needed space. Roll-up shelving systems keep things tidy and provide space for a wide variety of bins and packaging, transforming unused aisle space into productive medical storage space.

Furnishings for the Health Sector


What about special medicines that require special storage? To ensure the necessary safety for narcotics, we can help you organise your cold storage cell optimally with our Procoss systems.