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Tyre Racks

Tyre racks,
maximise your storage space!

Vehicle dealerships, garages, warehouses and shops need to have a functional and organised tyre storage system to store the high density product. The main objective is to speed up the process by making the tyres easily accessible and, at the same time, reducing the storage space in a functional way. In recent years, with the storage of seasonal tyres, the demands on tyre storage facilities have increased significantly along with the need to store the product in suitable and controlled environments. At Mobilrot, we design and develop customised fixed and mobile racking systems for the intelligent storage and preservation of tyres. With our products, we guarantee maximum care for your tyres and prevent premature tyre wear!

Tyre racks

compactable shelves 
for tyres

With compactable shelves, storage capacity increases by 100% for the same amount of warehouse space. The reduced storage space significantly lowers inventory processes and costs, so the investment is amortised more quickly. A unique and customised system thanks to a wide range of additional components. The stored tyres are at an ergonomic height that is easy to reach thanks to the semi or fully mechanical system.

Tyre racks

tyre rack

With its long spans, the Procofix hybrid system is particularly suitable for storing tyres. The new rounded profile adapts perfectly to the tyre and changing configuration is even easier. This makes it possible to optimise storage space.



Garages and workshops
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