Shelving systems from Mobilrot for the new headquarters of Fischer Factory

fischer factory

For even more efficiency, new facilities for FISCHER FACTORY production and logistics were created with Mobilrot racking systems.

FISCHER is an international reference company for the development and production of innovative mulching equipment. Based in Tramin in the South Tyrolean lowlands for over 50 years, the new company location was opened in 2020 as part of further expansion.

After intensive analysis of all logistical processes, Mobilrot planned and implemented three areas of the company. In the production area, each component was to be accommodated in an easily accessible manner and the available storage space was to be utilized to the fullest. The newly built Procoss shelving system with different and adaptable shelves and the workbenches allow their contents to be handled quickly and safely.

The centerpiece is an F4 multi-level system for the multitude of different small parts, which is used in both the production and logistics areas and can be used to access the items for production and final assembly in both areas.

The internal logistics was equipped with the pallet racks of the Fixrack product line.
In order to guarantee optimal safety, these were equipped with cross supports (600 N point load) and all uprights were provided with collision protection.
In the process, picking routes were reduced and storage capacities for semi-finished parts were condensed.

fischer factory
fischer factory
All shelving systems are 100% CE certified and comply with current EU standards. In cooperation with the marketing department, all areas were adapted to the corporate design of the company in terms of color and construction. International customers and visitors thus find a uniform overall appearance.


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