In Northern Italy, when talking about fashion, one cannot fail to mention MAXIMILIAN, one of the leading companies in the fashion and multi-label fashion sector. In Trentino Alto Adige, the chain distributes a wide selection of national and international brands, boasting more than 11 shops located in Bolzano, Merano, Bressanone, Brunico and Vipiteno, not to mention online distribution. Such a large and well-organised reality in the fashion sector has a distribution warehouse that needs order and immediacy and, precisely for this reason, needs functional storage spaces that favour an optimal arrangement of the garments.

shelving for shops

In this regard, in autumn 2018 we at Mobilrot created a system that perfectly follows the needs of a company like MAXIMILIAN, furnishing the distribution warehouse at the Bressanone site with special shelving. The aim was to create an optimal space for storing goods, by designing a multi-storey system that makes full use of its height potential. The design was conceived as a solution for hanging and, thanks to special shelves, also for the arrangement of shoes, accessories and horizontally hung garments. In order to comfortably reach each level of the shelving, our engineers have integrated stairs and mezzanines, which make the system complete and functional in every respect. As this is a fashion industry, the eye is also important, and to perfectly follow the line and style of MAXIMILIAN, we have painted the system in an elegant matt black based on epoxy powders from the RAL range.
Mobilrot shop racking systems are not only ideally suited for use in warehouses, but also excel in shopfitting.

The multi-storey system that we have developed and designed especially for MAXIMILIAN can store a large number of clothes, shoes and accessories, but the strength of this special shelving system lies in the possibility of future expansion. In the fashion industry, it is important to think about long-term growth and, to this end, our technicians together with the MAXIMILIAN staff have organised the system so that it can be expanded at any time by adding a new height level.

Our special racking system is therefore designed to handle a lot of future growth in the company, but not only. In fact, this possibility of modification can also be used during season changes of collections, which in the fashion industry are very rapid and frequent. It is therefore essential to quickly change the furnishings of warehouses and sales outlets, which must perfectly follow the needs of customers and the market itself.
The cost of expanding the multi-storey facility will be low and its function assured by the CE certification issued by TÜV Italia, the body that offers certifications in the field of quality and safety.

shelves for shops

As well as providing immediate storage space for goods in warehouses and subsequent in-store display, Mobilrot racks also provide additional functionality for tomorrow, actively participating in the growth of companies. Like our customers, we are always looking to the future, constantly improving our work and offering innovative products that are always at the cutting edge.