Customised storage systems for museums

vasi museo

The task of a museum is, among others, to protect and preserve artefacts, works of art or natural history specimens. This results in the need to store a large number of unusual, large, bulky or heavy objects.

In order to optimise space and store these valuable objects in an orderly and protected manner, as is the case for a typical museum collection, Mobilrot devises, develops and produces an extremely versatile storage concept. With additional custom-made products, the design possibilities are almost unlimited.

In the past, large museum objects such as furniture or agricultural equipment were stored on the floor. Security in the museum is a top priority due to damage from flooding or water intrusion, mould, earthquakes, pests or other hazards. Versatile compact storage systems such as shelving or pallet racks lift objects off the floor and protect them from possible damage.

Mobile systems 
optimise space

When space is limited, high quality compact storage systems (mobile shelving) can be used to compactly and safely store even the largest objects in the museum.
Mobile systems eliminate empty aisles to promote efficient use of space while maintaining the highest standards of organisation, accessibility and storage.

sistemi di stoccaggio mobili
scaffali compattabili
Scaffalature a campata lunga

How should oversized objects be stored in a museum collection?

For the storage of large natural history specimens, furniture and agricultural equipment and much more, the wide span shelving is the suitable solution. Due to the large permissible spans of up to 4000 mm, large and especially voluminous items can be optimally stored or displayed.

A flexible and strong shelving system even for the heaviest museum objects.


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Mobilrot offers a wide range of products for every need.
For example, metal shelves, High-density shelving , pallet racks, multi-tier shelving, cantilever
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