Thanks to its modular shelving systems of acknowledged quality and its attentive, punctual service to customers, Mobilrot was able to win the contract to fit out the Fendi buildings, both at the company’s new, single headquarters in Eur in the Palazzo della Civiltà Italiana, a prestigious location known throughout the world (also known as the square Colosseum by the Romans), and in the building in Largo Goldoni in the centre of Rome, where the Fendi fashion house has established its largest flagship store in the world. The top two floors of the historic building will house the prestigious Zuma Japanese restaurant.

fashion houses

The Palazzo della Civiltà houses the various work teams of around 400 people, including the flagship Fur Atelier.
Precisely on the various floors of the building, Mobilrot has installed its products which allow optimum use of space, but also elegant and aesthetically pleasing matt black paint which combines well with the travertine cladding, the Roman material par excellence.
In Largo Goldoni, on the other hand, Mobilrot furnishes all the back boutiques on 4 floors to optimise the storage of the various items (shoes, bags, clothes, etc.) that stock the shop every day.
Mobilrot’s business in the fashion sector continues, with prestigious clients such as Prada, Tod’s, Valentino Group, Celine, Peutery, Stuart Weitzmann and Abercrombie&Fitch, to name but a few.