Vitra Design Museum

"Prokoss-Mobilrot has furnished the rooms of the VITRA DESIGN MUSEUM in Weil am Rhein (D). With its own design and a new system of shelving and cabinets with doors and drawers, Vitra has chosen Prokoss-Mobilrot to furnish its Design Museum, which will house an important and extensive collection of furniture, lighting systems and accessories that stand out particularly in terms of their design and functionality.
It is a new exhibition room (Schiudevo) where, through two large windows, the large number of visitors to Vitra and its various museums every day can see the various works on display, which are the work of a number of important international professionals and companies, not just Vitra. Prokoss Mobilrot shelving and systems
were chosen for their quality, but above all for their aesthetics and the flexibility needed to display so many different products from furniture to chandeliers, from seating to display cases and so on in such a prestigious location."

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