On a day-to-day basis, the cafe and bookshop will be two of the main attractions to ICP Bowery’s ground floor multifunction space, making it a point of encounter and relaxed discussion. At times, however, there will be the need to maximize space in order to accommodate functions such as lectures, workshops, seminars and special events, and it would be desirable to minimize the footprint of these programs. We propose to employ a rail mounted system manufactured by the company Prokoss Mobilrot, manufacturers of high-end storage systems used in the offices of Prada, Valentino, Swatch and other major companies, with whom we have worked extensively already. This system allows the length of the cafe to be reduced from 15 feet to 6 with minimal effort while keeping stationary all elements connected to mains water. When open, the bookshop offers a similar amount of display shelving to the New Museum’s store, but can be collapsed into the a storage room in a matter of minutes, freeing up the Arena for lectures.

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