Warehouse shelves: how to organize them

Available space, product selection and layout:
the fundamental steps for an orderly, functional and safe warehouse.

A successful company is synonymous with collaboration, organization and enthusiasm, all of which are fundamental factors in creating an avant-garde and competitive working reality on the market. Starting from the roots, one of the most important places within a company is the warehouse, which must support the various activities that take place within it. Processing, transport and handling of goods are just some of the daily actions that occur in a warehouse. In order to optimize their time and performance, it is necessary to carefully plan and organize the available space dedicated to warehouse shelves.

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Depending on the usable area and the goods to be stored, the plan of the warehouse must first be designed. In most companies, starting from the smallest and artisanal ones up to large industrial realities, one of the most appreciated and functional solutions are the shelves. There are many variants of shelves for warehouses and, precisely for this reason, they must be chosen carefully to meet the needs of the company and avoid unnecessary waste. Their layout is also fundamental and must ensure that workers can work easily and above all safely.

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At Mobilrot, we offer various practical and functional solutions, suitable for all types of requirements. Many of our warehouse storage systems make use of the height of the space and are therefore perfect even for narrow and very high rooms where width is scarce.

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Procoss system, the modular metal shelving system that meets every need. The storage possibilities offered by this system are suitable for a wide range of applications: industry, food sector, store fittings, locker rooms, libraries, museum fittings. The Procoss system is the basis for multi-storey shelving which, thanks to its wide modularity and compatibility, allows the construction of multi-storey systems by exploiting the height of warehouses and stores. The shelves of the Procoss system can also be transformed into modular cabinets with sliding or hinged doors, which can be integrated with a wide range of accessories.

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Fixrack Pallet Racking, the industrial shelving systems designed for heavy loads, suitable for both linear and drive-in storage. The assembly of our Fixrack systems is completely interlocking, which allows you to change the configuration in the future. The package is completed by a wide range of accessories that make the Mobilrot Fixrack pallet racks versatile and adaptable to any warehouse racking requirement.

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Procompat Compact Shelving, systems that cut costs in half and double the usable surface area. Our Procompat system is perfect for archives, offices and in industrial environments. The bases where the shelving is mounted are mobile and an external hand wheel is used to slide the wheels underneath; this sideways sliding system therefore allows you to "create" an aisle to store goods when needed. Once the storage operations are completed, the module is moved to close the aisle again, thus gaining more space. Unlike normal warehouse shelving, the Procompat system provides 50% more usable surface area, which can be freely managed according to your needs. This is also a modular system, so the configuration of the various modules can be changed if necessary.

Rico long span shelving, perfect for storing bulky, irregular and lightly weighted products. Thanks to the Rico system every corner of your warehouse can be exploited, creating ample storage space even on small surfaces. The assembly is interlocking and can be changed at any time.

Cantilever Cantifix, the perfect industrial shelving system for both light and heavy loads. The Cantifix system is highly appreciated in the storage of bars, panels and tubes, as well as for lighter but bulky loads. Slots and holes allow the attachment of feet, crossbars, crosspieces and shelves making the shelving complete in every respect. The use of these shelves for warehouses is designed to promote convenience and immediacy in storage operations and, even in this case, the assembly turns out to be easy and smooth.
Don't hesitate to contact our technicians for a consultation, who are always available to help you choose the right shelving system for your needs!

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